Friday, March 12, 2010

My Goodness!!!

I know I haven't been around here much... and probably have more to say to catch everyone up on things than this... however all I want to say for this blog (and for now) so those who care know that I'm still alive is:


I promise I'll be back soon for more!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crazy Freaking Mother-In-Law-To-Be

Yes... Two in one night! I need to make up for the missed time!! :-)

That and because as I was reading through my last post, I remembered something just freaking incredible that happened to us the other day. Oh. My - Freaking. Hit. Me. Over. The. Head. Is. This. Happening - God.

So, our kids, our babies, the loves of our lives need a sitter for while we are gone. We treat them as if they are real children, outwardly call them our kids, maybe a little over the top at times, however they are our family!

My babe's dad offered to help us out right after we booked the trip. He actually offered to stay at our place for the 10 days we are gone and watch the kids. Talk about awesome! We were so happy and relieved. He loves Terrance (puppy) and is friendly with Chloe (kitty). We had no concerns about him staying at our place either! He isn't a "snooper" at all and is very kind, trustworthy and genuine.

Well... we found out last week that he wasn't going to be staying at our place, but his wife would be instead! My babe's step mom. They made the decision without talking to us because she thought that it would be better with his commute to work.

Okay... I'm very tolerant of most people! I'm open, accepting, and willing to give anyone a shot. However after the first time that I met this woman, I knew that there were things about her that were going to drive me CRAZY!!!!!!! While most of the time, she is kind hearted and can be very nice and helpful, there are times when she goes a fucking crazy ape-shit kind of psycho. She definitely wears the pants in the relationship and if she doesn't like something, or agree with something, she will make damn sure that whatever the "something" is doesn't come near her with a 10 mile long pole. She also causes a lot of strain between my babe and her dad. There are many things that I know that "dad" wants to help my babe with, however when "step-mom" doesn't agree... It doesn't happen. Yet, when there are things that she wants, she goes out of her way to get them... Tactful or not... Nice hey.

Anyway, enough back story... now to the recent situation...

We found out that the step-mom was going to be staying over and immediately went into covert-operation mode. Made sure all of our bills and personal things were going to be in a place that she wouldn't be able to find or snoop in, got right on top of making sure that everything was cleaned perfectly and in order otherwise I'm sure we would hear it... Isn't this sad. I mean seriously... While we were so happy that someone was going to be here to watch our babies... THIS IS CRAZY!!! Well, it gets better...

We get a phone call a few days later.
Step-mom: "Is it okay with you guys if my friend stays over at your house with me too, because otherwise it will be a lonely week?"
Babe (with a look in my direction): "I guess that should be fine... she will have to stay on the couch because we don't have a spare bed in our place. But it should be okay." **You can't even imagine the look that I have on my face at this point!
Step-mom goes on to ask another question and I hear my babe say, "Why don't you ask [me] about that." She gives me a look that completely reads like -you are going to love this- and I can barely stand to even put the phone up to my ear...
Step-mom: "Hi girl. Well, my friend who I wanted to stay over at your house with me has planned a Mary Kay party and we were wondering if we could host it at your house?"
Me: "Ummm... well... our place really isn't that big and we don't have a lot of seating. Plus, we don't have any kind of coffee table or anything that the display can fit on, so I really don't think that you will have what you need to hold this party at our house."
Step-mom: "Okay, well, we will take a look at it when we get there, but maybe it will be better to have it at our apartment..."

**Yeah you are fucking right it will be better to have it at your apartment!!!!!

Fast forward to two days ago... Step-mom has come over to get the key to our place. I get into the house after a long day at work and come into a conversation about the vacation and her staying over.
Step-mom: "Well, are you going to leave both vehicles here, because with only a one car garage, and 2 other spots, there won't be a whole lot of room in the driveway."
Me: "Yes, we were planning on it."
Step-mom: "Okay, well I guess I'm wondering where my friend will park, because there won't be enough room for all of the vehicles then."
Me: "Would you like us to leave one of our vehicles somewhere else so you can have both of the extra spaces? Otherwise, I'm sure it would be fine for your friend to park on the street. She can always call her license plate into the PD so she doesn't get a ticket."
Step-mom: "Maybe it would be a good idea for me to take one of your cars and leave it at our apartment so my friend will have a space..."
*** I almost had to leave the room to go scream into and punch a fucking pillow at this point!! Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it was my fault, I offered, but seriously, how much more is she going to ask of us. I didn't thing at all that she would ask us to keep a vehicle somewhere else!!!

Well... It gets better. Apparently, this was part of the conversation that I missed before I got home. My babe was showing step-mom around the place... Where towels, toilet paper, dish soap is... all that good stuff. Well I guess she walked by the room and commented about the way that our bed was positioned in our room. It is angled into a corner with a little end table between the corner of the room and the head of our bed. We do not have a headboard. It is possible that pillows fall down to the floor because of the open space between our bed and the wall...
Step-mom: "Do you think you would be able to move the bed for me so it is flat up against the wall? I just don't think that I will be able to deal with pillows falling off the bed in the middle of the night."
Babe: "Ummm... well, I don't know if we will have enough time to re-arrange our room before we leave. We are working on cleaning other stuff and are putting in a lot of hours at work, so I'm not sure we will be able to get that done too."
Step-mom: "Well, would you mind if I move it for you when I get here? I just don't think I can deal with pillows falling behind the bed."


We have found a new fucking pet sitter!!!!!


I'm still here... Haven't written in a while, however I have been reading (hovering over) all of my favorite blogs! Maybe I've just been short on words lately, I don't know!

I've been putting in long weeks at work lately and slowly coming to the realization that these are now going to be my regular hours. I guess I've been struggling at coming to terms with this because I hate to think that I'm going to be spending my best time at my office instead of at home with my babe and my kids. I've been mentally preparing myself every day that this is now what it will have to be, and maybe that is the reason why I'm so short on words. Maybe it's just because I'm so freaking tired every day. Ugh.

My salvation: Florida in 5 days. Flying into Pensacola, driving to Panama City, spending a few days there, boating back up to Pensacola and spending the remainder of the time there. Yes, I did say boating, and yes, my babe and I will be on a boat for the entire trip! It will be fantastic! The weather will be warmer there than it is here, the sun will hopefully be shining, and the best part of it all, is that I will not have to work!!!!!!!! For 10 days straight!!! I've paid for it this last week and will pay for it on M, T, and W... maybe even tomorrow as I might head to my office to try to get some of the lingering things done...

I'm just spent... I can't wait for this trip and I can't wait to regain some energy and life. I can't wait to spend this time with my babe. We both need it. For ourselves and for our relationship!

I think it is time to start counting down the hours! :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So... Today was a Starbucks kind of day...

I pass a Starbucks on the way to work. Every. Single. Day.

Most days I can avoid temptation by just making some coffee in our office as we have all of the necessary supplies, I have one of my favorite coffee mugs at my desk, and also keep a stock of my favorite creamer in the fridge... But not today!

I don't know why. I don't know if it is certain days over others. However, some days, the decision has just been made in my mind... "I am going to Starbucks today!"

My order:
  • I'll almost always get some oatmeal with dried fruit and brown sugar! I'm addicted to this stuff! Yes, I know that I can make much cheaper, real oatmeal in just about the same time, however theirs is REALLY good! Seriously... if you haven't tried it, and you like oatmeal... Give it a go! :-)
  • Today I branched out... Normally my drink is: a "Grande, Vanilla, Non-fat, no water, Chai Tea" (sometimes with cinnamon powder sprinkled on the top)... And yes, that is the correct way to order it! I've been drinking that, or a version of that since college. Took me months to perfect it!!! For whatever reason, maybe I've gotten it too many times... it just doesn't hit the spot as much anymore, so I've been trying different things. My fail-safe is the hot (or cold - depending on the season) Caramel Macchiato... However I like to try different things to find that perfect favorite that my Chai used to be... So today I got a "Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte!" Sounds great right... I thought so too!! Especially the "skinny" part! Makes you feel like with every sip, you loose some weight! Wouldn't that be lovely... Well, unfortunatly it's not hitting the spot and I'm sure I'm not dropping calories with each sip... 
Oh well... I'm pleased with my oatmeal, I'm getting the caffeine that I need, and one of these days, I will find the perfect drink for me!

What is your favorite Starbucks or coffee drink???

Monday, January 25, 2010


It's freaking cold in our office today!

So something must have happened to the heat in our office over the weekend because I walked into a brisk 61 degrees this morning... WHAT THE SHIT!!!!

I think it has warmed up another degree since I have been here... probably because of the bodies, however with the Wisconsin temps outside, mixed with cool air flowing into our office which is usually set at tropical temps thanks to our office manager who is ALWAYS cold (we're talking even in the summer when she wears a sweater and parka to work), I've really been thrown for a loop this Monday morning...

Please send me some warmth!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Wow I'm happy it's Wednesday...

My weeks at work have been so long lately and I'm about ready to bust! I need some quiet time!!! From one incident to the next complaint to another pile on my desk to another thing on my freaking to-do list... UGH!!!

I haven't been feeling so well lately. Work is just burning me out. Long days with the above to deal with, house that needs cleaning, kids who want to be played with (usually throwing a ball around or some catnip will take care of that right away as my "kids" are our dog and cat), babe that should be getting more attention, and me that shouldn't be so tired and crabby what feels like all the time...

I always try to think positive and think that my weeks aren't always going to be like this, and they aren't... Things slow down for a while starting with a couple days at a time, then a couple weeks, then a couple months, and then HOLY FUCK!!!!! HERE WE ARE PEOPLE!!!!!

We are taking a vacation in February... Headed down to Florida to hang out on a boat for 10 days!!! I've been counting down the days since we booked our flight!! Only 29 days left... Only 29 days left... Only 29 days left!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

MmmmYeah.... Saturday!!

Loving today!!!

This is the first weekend that I have had NOTHING to do in quite some time!!! Not to mention, it is even a long weekend for me. Yes, our company considers Martin Luther King Jr. Day a holiday to have off from work! I'm pretty pumped about this! Now I'm not sure how many companies have this day off, maybe someone can let me in on this bit of info... All I can say is that I'm very happy about adding an extra day to my much needed weekend! It was an EXTREMELY long week for me.

I took a personal day on the 8th from my full time job to go to Chicago for a conference for my part time job. Having that day off work was great, however the entire weekend was jam packed full of stuff (so it really wasn't like I had an actual day off) AND everyone in my full time office was still working. So it's a little bit different when everyone has a collective day off because you know nothing is going to come up or that you might miss something.

Anyway, coming back on Monday was awful... and that awful lasted through Friday. It was a combination of a TON of work - new year and all - and a bunch of meetings that came up suddenly because of an incident. I could barely get any work done until yesterday afternoon. I hate getting paid salary and working well into overtime because after so much extra time, it feels like you are barely making minimum wage for the time you put in... UGH... Moving on and reminding myself that it is the weekend...

Back to Saturday... I love slowly waking up after a great night... :-), stretching myself out of bed like my baby girl, moving slowly towards some coffee, brushing my teeth and washing my face (I love that tingly feeling in the morning), and just being lazy all day! We are planning to head out to a Comedy Club with a friend tonight, which should be fun and then laying low the rest of the weekend! Maybe a budget movie thrown in there somewhere, and a bit of cleaning.

Definitely looking forward to 2 more days of this... and that... ;-)